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TO PROTECT ALL LIVING BEINGS From Harmful Microwave Radiation
WIFI,bluetooth,durty electricity,1G,2G,3G,4G,5G,6G,7G,etc. -5G exposed-

Very Important: Wonderful Powerful solutions for protecting living beings from Microwave radiation have been discovered and are available here!! Yes, it is a good news!
During around 20 years of experimentations and research, a French inventor, Abel Franco, has discovered and improved amazing devices to protect from harmful radiation in our technologies such as microwave radiation. They are "Open actions", their actions are transparent to the users, they cannot be hacked, they protect Living Beings and save them a lot of time by protecting their health, their life!
These products are revolutionary and absolutely brilliant. They deserve a major award for the benefits they bring to Humanity and all living beings!

Without needing upgrades/updates!!!
Windows XP, Vista, server 2003, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 and others.

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Very Important: Microwave Devices Global Alert - Insanely shocking evil attack on all living beings -
Every technology damaging DNA has to be banned asap, for the sake of all living beings on earth, and future generations.
We don't want Free WIFI, we want WIFI Free.

We believe that the owners of computers have the right to take full control over them. The lack of control leads to abuse.
CyberMartialArts and CyberForceField allow you to Take Control of your PCs using Windows with tools you can trust
Without automatic updates & patches
(proven to be dangerously unreliable) and
be online with peace of mind and security!

Revolutionary powerful defense against 0-day threats,
CyberForceField protects you today
against the computer malware of tomorrow!



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